Why Go Greek?

Opportunity to develop a large network filled with involved active members and accomplished alumni

Build lifelong relationships with future best-man’s, business partners, and mentors

85% of Fortune 500 CEOs are fraternity men

85% of Supreme Court Justices are fraternity men

76% of US Senators are fraternity men

Why Sigma Nu?

We strive to give every member the best college experience possible, both academically and socially. 

Undeniably the best, anti-hazing, professional development candidacy process on campus.

Some of the best nationwide networking capabilities through chapters across the nation and alumni around the world. 

Consistently building to compel with love, excel with honor, live with truth.

Our Goals

Sigma Nu can give you a chance to get the most out of college. To leave a Legacy. 

Imagine being a part of something great. Something remarkable. The top leaders, social gentlemen, involved on campus, high academics, strong athletics, recruiting the best men on campus, and most importantly, a high sense of Honor. 

The premier men's organization on campus.

A genuine fraternity experience.

Built by you.